works_collage-w800-h600Hello and welcome! I’m Ferdie Ramos, I go by the handle Gravitydog. I’m a freelance illustrator and designer who is passionate about illustrating and designing.

I love to illustrate character concepts and other things. I’ve also designed websites on occasion. It’s fun and I love experimenting with designs as it always takes me to diverse possibilities.

The Site

Chroniclegear is a place where I keep, “chronicle” and showcase some of my work, designs, illustrations, concepts and experiments.

What I Do


I do character illustrations and concepts.

Where it Began

Chroniclegear started out as blog to record my RPG adventures that then existed in various incarnations, while also trying to use and learn a cms. Anyway, life happened, priorities changed and I wasn’t able to continue it so I shuttered it for a long while until finally in now collects my works and a repository of my journeys and interesting things. The definition hasn’t change much, it will continue to record – chronicle and adapt to my work, journeys and explorations.

Contact Me

For questions, comments and other inquiries please feel free to contact me at info@chroniclegear.com.